We recognize the importance of keeping up with rapid advancements in technology and the necessity to build competencies for providing you innovative and agile solutions to compete in the market place.

We believe that the following competencies are to be built to serve you better day after day.

Project Management

Our project managers are competent to handle complex projects . Our project management practices address key phases across the project life cycle. This includes Project planning, monitoring, reporting procedure, review methods, risk management, configuration management, change management, issue escalation and resolution, and communication

Technology Management

Technology Management is emerging as the major challenge of the coming decades. Lokya has a dedicated focus in developing and implementing innovative approaches to managing technology.

Our team is continuously updated for effectively managing technology as the technology age moves forward with a high speed characterized by rapid changes

Global Delivery

Lokya plans to have global delivery centers for providing our customers cost effective delivery models. Other major benefit of global delivery centers is mitigating risks ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery helping our customers.

We develop fool proof processes, tools, knowledge management frameworks, project management and program management capabilities to make this happen

Domain Competency

Lokya has initiated centers of excellence (COE) for building domain competencies in the industry areas we focus. The objectives of COE are to facilitate learning, creating proof of concepts and building proactive solutions for our customers.

Technology Competency

Lokya builds technology competency to cater to the customer needs across industries we focus. We have technical architects proficient to understand customer requirements and build solutions.

o Platforms :Microsoft: Win2K, XP,Vista,Mac, Apple TV, iPhone ,OSX ,Unix/Linux
o Network Technologies: Winsock/Internet Protocol
o Core Technologies :Open GL,Open AL,Direct X
o Web Technologies:J2EE, ASP,.Net,CGI-  Pearl,PHP,HTML,CSS,JavaScript,VBScript,AJAX
o Languages/Frameworks:C,C++,C#,Objective C,MFC,Java(JDK),VisualBasic,Cocoa
o Databases :Oracle, SQLServer,MySQL
o Development Tools :Visual Studio, X Code
o Object Oriented Design Methodologies:UML
o Version control :Microsoft Visual Source Safe,CVS,Rational Clear case, Bugzilla



Lokya receives approval for Development Center in SEZ,Kochi

Thu, 07 Jan 2010

Lokya sets up a subsidiary in Texas, USA

Tue, 12 Jan 2010

Lokya has set up a subsidiary in Texa, USA to provide near shore services to

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