We understand your industry specific requirements for technology solutions.We build and upgrade domain competencies to enable us to provide state of the art solutions for your businesses through a consultancy based approach across the industries we focus.

You can leverage on our expertise in the following industries


Globalization, market volatility, increased client demands and shrinking margins are the major challenges today for the manufacturing companies to remain competitive and more efficient. Manufacturing companies are undergoing a change globally. The companies need to control costs, invest on product innovation and reduce time to market to face these challenges. Lokya provides IT solutions that help your company become lean, innovative and agile and achieve unparalleled productivity.
We provide you with cost effective solutions to improve productivity through lean manufacturing methodologies for process automation, inventory management, program and product management, product integration. Our solutions ensure cycle time reduction and increased efficiency. We help you optimize and manage your costs, accelerate your time to market. We address your information technology (IT) challenges in the areas standardization, optimization of legacy systems, supply chain optimization, and agile manufacturing.

We help you

  • Save IT costs
  • Reduce product introduction costs
  • Reduce capital asset requirements
  • Save costs on procurement
  • Increase revenues from new technologies

    Software Products

    Software product companies continuously look for reducing the cost and the time to market of their products to face competition. To respond to these dynamic market forces, software product companies need to look at innovative ways to lower cost and reduce cycle time.

    Lokya helps you to reduce product release cycle and help make schedules predictable, reduce the technical risks and costs. At each stage of the product life cycle, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to address the customers’ specific needs as products move from different phases of maturity across early to end-of-life.

    Our offering to software product companies includes:

    • Participate in product development
    • Product Maintenance and support
    • Product enhancements
    • Product sustenance
    • Product migration and porting
    • Product testing and quality assurance
    • Internationalization and localization
    • SaaS enablement


    Game Testing

    The Games industry is under tremendous pressure to stay ahead of competition and deliver games with highest of quality standard. You need to reduce cost of production and to be the fastest time to market. Lokya will help you test games to meet the highest of quality bar in a cost effective model meeting you timelines.

    We provide Testing services for all the game titles across platforms. Platforms include Mac, Xbox 360,GBA, Nintendo DS,DS Lite. By partnering with us, you reap the benefits of reaching market faster at lower costs; optimize your investments at a reduced risk.

    Game Porting

    Major publishers and studios are looking at outsourcing Mac Game Development work to reduce development time and cost of production. Lokya is developing Mac and middleware technologies to assist you in porting professional AAA titles from Windows or Consoles to Mac as well as Educational games to Mac platform. We ensure you meet time to market at a reduced cost without compromising on quality.

    Computer Peripherals

    Computer Peripherals

    Lokya provides test solutions to computer peripheral companies. We test your peripheral products for reliability, user defined features, scalability, performance and interoperability. We have competencies in USB, Wireless, Bluetooth, Infrared, 1394, parallel and serial interfaces and different operating systems which help us own end-to-end testing for your peripheral devices.


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    Thu, 07 Jan 2010

    Lokya sets up a subsidiary in Texas, USA

    Tue, 12 Jan 2010

    Lokya has set up a subsidiary in Texa, USA to provide near shore services to

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